USA L1 Intra-Company Transfer Working Visa

What better way to work in the USA than to have a USA work visa? Yes, you will be free to work anywhere you want without harassment from the US law enforcement. If you are a foreign national migrating to the US for the purposes of work, you might want to consider using the USA L1 visa as an option among other USA visas.

The L1 visa is designed for employees of foreign companies with a US branch office who has been transferred or reassigned to move to the US to fill up a void. Sometimes, it may be because of shortage or personnel or skill and at other times, it may be so that the foreign employee can come into the US to manage the US business.

The L1 visa is also ideal for foreign business owners who are looking at expanding their business into the United States. Every L1 visa beneficiary is allowed to work with the USA work visa and live anywhere of their choosing in the US.

The USA visa requirements is a proof that your company has transferred you or that you are a business owner, starting up a new branch of your business in the US.

Benefits Of The L1 Visa Include:

  • Freedom to setup a branch of your business and transfer staff.
  • Freedom to sponsor dependents.
  • Freedom to live and work in the USA.
  • Visa may lead to permanent residency.

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