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Do you have a spouse who is a US citizen or US Permanent Resident living in the US? You probably have been wondering if it is possible to go be with them permanently. The Spouse/Fiancé US visa gives the freedom to foreign nationals who have their spouses or common law partners who are citizens or permanent residents of the US to migrate to be with their spouses or partners. Such migrants will be granted full privileges, such as their spouses or partners has already, as long as they can prove that the relationship actually exists.

As such, the USA visa requirements for a valid USA Visa application for Spouse/Fiancé visa is a valid proof of relationship between you, the applicant and the US citizen or permanent resident. This proof can be legal documents such as marriage certificates, registry certificates, marriage pictures etc. Once this can be proven, your visa is almost sure.

If your application is successful, the applicant gets access to the USA work visa as well as permission to reside in the US. After a couple of years, this residency can be made permanent and the holder can request citizenship.

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