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The Tier 1 Investor visa is for Investors. Investors are those with enough funds to pump in a new business till it is established. If you are an investor or a business person and you would not mind immigration from UK to from Dubai, then you can apply for the Tier 1 Investor visa.

This visa gives you the power to move into the UK, purchase your own property, set up a business, travel to and fro as the need arises, access free school and medical facilities and bring in your dependents. In most cases, if the holder of the Tier 1 Investor visa keeps a clean record of dealings with the UK government, he or she becomes a British Citizen in no time. It’s all about bringing value to the table and if you got value, you will be compensated with more freedom.

To be eligible for the Investor visa, you must have at least 2 million GBP available to you cash and that you are ready to invest up to 750,000 GBP in the government of UK bonds and shares. Now this is a lot of money. This is why Nroute visas are here to help you navigate through the application process so that are no issues. We have the best UK immigration consultants in Dubai who are ever willing to help.

If you have discovered you will not be able to apply for Investor visa because of the funds required, you can try other methods of entry such as UK student visa, UK work permit from Dubai or UK work visa from Dubai, Business visa, Spouse visa, Visit visa, Tourist visa and many more. Our specialists will run an assessment of your profile and guide you on the best visa to apply for. Anything that has to do with immigration to UK from Dubai is our job and we do it with all pleasure to bring satisfaction to our clients.

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