Terms & Conditions

Nroute Visas is hired by clients to address their immigration needs, and prepare and present clients’ immigration application on their behalf.

By using our services, the client authorizes Nroute Visas staff in their discretion to pursue necessary processes.

All the personal, financial, and other information required in the immigration application process will be provided by the client.

By using Nroute Visas services, clients also agree to cooperate in providing information about their family, wherever necessary.

All necessary documents, completed forms, Govt Fee and PDCs (if applicable) etc. must be submitted by the client within 15 days of the submission of first deposit.

Client submits a retainer fee, which is 50% of the contract value, at the time of registration with Nroute Visas. The fee is non-refundable and covers the following services:

  • Professional advice and consultation.
  • Initial counseling to evaluate client’s particulars against the qualifying criteria.
  • Advice regarding the application procedure.
  • Documentation advice.
  • Supply of Application Kit & Documents Checklist.


In case there is any change in the client’s contact details, it is client’s responsibility to update NROUTE VISAS in writing and get an acknowledgement. The receipt must accompany the original contract all the time.