Portugal Freelance Visa

The Portugal Freelance Residency Permit allows you to live, work and migrate to Portugal. It is, in essence, an “Open Work and Residence Permit”, which allows you to remain in Portugal with a residency permit based on your skills and ability as a professional worker to contribute positively to the Portuguese labor market. You need to be resident in Portugal at the time of this application. No job offer or other sponsorship is required. This category is open to all occupations, however, if you are from an occupation that requires board registration such as medicine or nursing etc, then registration exams would be required. The great news is that this visa leads to Portuguese and European Citizenship.

Some Key Points

  • Must be in Portugal at the time of the application.
  • Can include family members and dependents in application.
  • Minimum government fees.
  • 6-9 months of processing time until you receive your Portugal Residency Card.
  • Open to all no minimum experience or minimum educational standard necessary.

Freelance Residence Permit For Portugal

If you need Portugal visa information, you are welcome to speak with our Portugal immigration consultants in India about visas to Portugal, jobs in Portugal, how to migrate to Portugal from India and the Portugal visa requirements. All your questions will be handled by some of the best immigration experts in the industry and a detailed guide on how to go about your application will be made available to you.

The Freelance Residence visa allows you to migrate to Portugal from India, live and work without restrictions within the Portugal airspace. If you thinking of how to get European Passport or how to get European Citizenship, then this residency permit and the many other visas to Portugal will give the holder access to citizenship after 6 years in Portugal.

Most of our clients at Nroute Visas have been able to obtain their Portugal visas and Residency Permits through us. We provide a detailed guide and do a thorough scrutiny of your documents for errors. Once you are in Portugal, your residency permit application is 100% guaranteed.

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