Denmark Green Card Permanent Residence Visa

Denmark is the country of wealth and prosperity. Economic situation in the country is stable and a many Danish companies are looking for skilled workers. According to Denmark immigration if you are eligible for a Danish residence you can live throughout the European Union and UK. If you dream to immigrate to Denmark, Nroute visas experts will help to make it happen.

Person opportunities to immigrate to Denmark are evaluated using a point’s based system – the Danish Green Card. Points are gained for applicant’s education level, work experience, language skills. Additional points can be earned if your education and work experience are related to certain fields. Nroute visas specialists will be happy to consult you regarding professions required at the certain moment.

To get a residence permit to work and live in Denmark you need to have enough money on your bank account to live in the country for one year. However the Green Card does not give you the right to start your own business. In this case you need another type of visa.

Specialists of Nroute visas will help you with immigration to Denmark for work from India and make sure your application contains all information and documents required.

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