Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Permit

The Quebec Skilled Worker Visa will allow you to live, work and migrate to Canada.

Eligibility for Permanent Residence is based on 5 factors only, your age, occupation, work experience, education and English Language ability. The great news is that this visa leads to Canadian Citizenship!

Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

This is another fantastic Canadian program offering Permanent Residency!

If you have an interest in Quebec or perhaps you speak French or have thought about learning French, then this beautiful province is for you. The Quebec Permanent Residency Migration Visa leads to a Canadian passport and is permanent residency from arrival! It offers you and your family the chance to live in work in this beautiful province were the language is both French and English.

So where to begin:

1) Occupation List

Ok, so the great news is there is absolutely no occupation list. Yes- that’s right, Quebec will accept any occupation any person of any occupation is eligible to apply. You can however score additional points if the subject of your degree or diploma is listed on the required areas of training list. This applies to both vocational and academic qualifications and most subjects are listed on there!

2) Points Assessment

For the Quebec Skilled Worker Program you need to score 55 points. This is actually quite a low milestone. These points are calculated on the following: your age, your work experience, your education, your French and English language ability. More emphasis is placed on your French language ability. You can score additional points if you have any close relatives living in Quebec or if you/partner have studied or worked in Quebec previously . You will even earn 2 bonus points if you have previously visited this part of Canada.

3) Application For Selection Certificate

Once we have confirmed your points score, and don’t worry our Quebec attorney’s will make sure you are fully eligible. We now need to compile all your documents and submit your application for a selection certificate. At this point you would need all your supporting documents including, qualification certificates and work experience documents. The great news is that most of our clients receive their approvals within 9 months or so. Its as easy as that. For your added peace of mind, Nroute Visas will ensure that your file is processed professionally and correctly via our Quebec Attorney’s!

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