489 Provisional Sponsored Skilled Migration Visa

The Australia Temporary Skilled Nominated 489 class of visa is a 4 year term temporary visa for immigrants. For a foreign national to be eligible for and apply for this visa, your skill or occupation must be found in the CSOL list and you must have a total of 50 points at least. A state in Australia will need your occupation eventually. There may be more than one state, you will however have to choose one of the states where you want to dispense your expertise. If your occupation is not listed in the CSOL but is found on the SOL, as long as you have a close relative in Australia, you are still welcome to apply for the 489 subclass based on a family sponsor.

There are many job opportunities in Australia for immigrants that have skill. With the 489 subclass visa,immigration to Australia becomes easier and access to Australia jobs and Australia work permit visa is even easier. Once you pick up your application for Australian visa to apply for the 489 Australia visas subclass, you should bear in mind that you must have your occupation on the CSOL or SOL list to be able to proceed with your application. Also, you must have at least 50 points calculated for you from your age, your educational qualification, your work experience and your ability to read and write English language fluently.

You Will Need To Know:

1) Skills Shortage List

This is where your application starts. You will need to select a skill from the Consolidated Skills Occupation List (CSOL). This is for the 489 Subclass visa and there are many occupations on it. Your skill has to be on the list for you to be able to apply. Usually, the list is a long one and there are high chances of finding yours.

2) Points Assessment

You are expected to have at least 50 points. Because you were nominated by the state, you will get additional 10 points. If you were nominated by a relative too, you get points. Points are based on age, English language ability, work experience and occupation.

3) Skills Assessment

This is the point where your skills, your educational background and work experience are matched to check whether you have what it takes to be good on the occupation you nominated or were nominated for.The authorities will verify whether you have the right qualifications to apply for the occupation you are nominated for. Your education, work experience and skill will be cross checked.

4) State Application

You are required to send an application to the state of your desire in Australia that is accepting the occupation for which you are nominated or the state where your close relation is residing if you are sponsored by a family. Since more than one state nominates an occupation, you will have the option of choosing.

5) Expression Of Interest

After skills assessment is confirmed, we will be ready to complete an EOI application for you. This is a way of showcasing your talents to the Australia Government. A decision is usually arrived at around 3-6 months.

6) DIAC Application

This is the final lap where you actually apply for the temporal residence permit alongside all supporting documents.

Benefits Of The Visa.

  • The holder gets up to 5 years.
  • Holder is free to apply for on-shore Permanent Residency.
  • Holder is free to sponsor family members.
  • Holder gets free access to medical treatment.

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