190 Permanent Sponsored Skilled Migration Visa

The Australia Skilled Nominated Permanent Residency visa is one of the ways easily access job opportunities in Australia. It is designed to help people with their skills or occupation listed on the CSOL list. This is a state nominated visa which means that you have to be nominated by a state in Australia to apply in the 190 class. The nomination automatically gives you 5 points and you will only need 55 more points to qualify for the permanent immigration to Australia. All successful applicants are granted Australia work permit visa and are free to pick up their Australia jobs and work freely without disturbance. This visa also leads to Citizenship.

As You Are Processing An Application For Australia Visa, 190 Class, You Should Keep In Mind The Following:

1) Skills Shortage List

Your occupation or skill must be listed on the Skills Occupation CSOL list. This is a very long list and you are most likely to find yours there.

2) Points Score

Already you have 5 points for being nominated by the State. You will need 55 more points from your educational qualification, age, work experience and English language ability. Once you can average 60, you are free to proceed with your application.

3) Skills Assessment

This is the point where your skills, your educational background and work experience are matched to check whether you have what it takes to be good on the occupation you nominated or were nominated for.

4) State Application

Since this is a state nominated visa, you will need to decide which state in Australia, accepting your skills or occupation, you desire. After you have selected, you can go ahead and apply. You must choose carefully as the state chosen is where you are going to be living in for the next 2 years, after which you can change.

5) Expression Of Interest

After the above steps are settled, you are free to make an Expression of Interest to migrate to Australia. This takes roughly 3-6 months.

6) DIAC Application

At this point, you are done. You can apply for your permanent residence visa by filling the DIAC form.

Benefits Of The Visa.

  • Holder is granted up to 5 years visa.
  • Holder can become a permanent citizen after 3 years of stay in Australia.
  • Holder can sponsor family members.
  • Holder would be qualified for medical care.

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