189 Permanent Skilled Migration Visa

The Australia Skilled Independent 189 Class

There are endless job opportunities in Australia for skilled migrants who are considering immigration to Australia. However, to access Australia jobs, you must have relevant skills and work experience.

The Australia Skilled Independent 189 Class of visa is a permanent residency visa which caters to the migrants with their occupation on the Skills Occupation List and have scored at least 60 points. Such are welcome to apply for the 189 subclass visa. Successful applicants can obtain their Australia visas including Australia work permit visa to work as well as live anywhere of their choosing in Australia. This is one of the most popular visa subclasses in Australia.

Before You Go Ahead With Your 189 Application For Australian Visa, You Should Know:

  • That you have to begin by making sure your skills/occupation is on the skilled occupation list.
  • That you have to score at least 60 points to be eligible to proceed.
  • That your skills will be assessed and approval will be needed for you to go on with your application. Skills assessment is to prove whether you actually have the skills to do the nominated occupation.
  • That once your points are up to 60 and your skills are found on the list, you will need to apply to the Australian Government for Expression of Interest (EOI) in the occupation you have selected
  • That you are now fully set for you visa and all you need to do, after submitting your DIAC application, is sit back relax and wait for your visa to come.

After these steps have all been successful, you can proceed to obtain your visa. This whole process can run up to a year but our expert Australian visa attorneys will help you to expedite the process to make the time shorter.

Successful applicants are granted permanent residency for 5 years and they are free to sponsor their family members. After 3 years of living in Australia with clean records, PR visa holders can apply for citizenship.


The Australia Skilled Independent 189 Class Grants::

  • The holder 5 years visa.
  • The Holder the opportunity to apply for Citizenship after 3 years of living in Australia.
  • The sponsor privilege to sponsor family members.
  • The holder freedom to work and live anywhere within Australia.
  • The holder access to medical care.

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