100 Partner Spouse Permanent Visa

Australian Partner (Migrant) Visa

For those who have spouses in Australia who are permanent residents or citizens of the country of Australia and are willing to join their spouses are eligible to apply for the Australian partner visa. This visa allows the migrant to live in Australia permanently. This visa also applies to those who are spouses to an eligible New Zealand Citizen.

The Application For Australia Visa Subclass 100 Or Partner Visa Requires The Following:

  • Proof that you are married to or are in a genuine relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Proof that you are in Australia and you are hoping to settle down permanently in Australia.
  • Proof that you have enough funds to take care of your needs.

The Benefits Of The Partner Visa Includes:

  • Holder is free to stay in Australia indefinitely.
  • Holder is free to access the various job opportunities in Australia and pick up any of these Australia jobs since they are eligible for Australia work permit visa.
  • Holder is free to study in Australia.
  • Holder is free to apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Holder is free to sponsor eligible relatives for PR.
  • Holder is equally free to receive social security payments.

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